Iraq First Time (2003-2004)
Before Leaving
Jake and Amy
Jake and Brandon
Jake and Stephanie
Jake and Ann-Marie
Bummed kids
Kids love Daddy
Jake and Ann-Marie
Loading Up
Ann-Marie in BDU's
Everyone Getting Ready
Jake Ready to Roll
On the Bus
Some of the Troops
Jake and Amy Proud of 1st Maintenace Co.  
In Iraq
Jake in Kuwait
Jake's Group
Jake's Quarters
Jake's Bunk (It's near Thanksgiving)
Jake and his M-16
The Computer
Group of the Guys Playing Cards
Iraq Room
Jake in his Gear
Sucky Gun Holding the Unit Flag
The Base
Here's the Local Mini-Mart
A Camel
Driving down the road with barrel out the window
Jake and Saddam's Head Ping Pong Home Sweet Home